April 8

After losing a night of action on Friday, April 3rd at Williams Grove Speedway due to inclement weather, the 2015 season resumed for Cory on Saturday evening at the Lincoln Speedway. The 11c team took part in the Sprint Spring Championship for the ‘410s’ in the Pigeon Hills on Saturday. Cory did not time trial well but started 5th in his heat and finished 3rd. Cory started 14th in the feature event and moved his way thru the field for a nice 6th place finish.  

“Wasn’t a bad day” said Cory Haas, “We didn’t time the best, 15th in the order, so that put us behind a little bit...qualifying is so can put you in a great position, or it can put you in a hole...regardless, we got going pretty good in the feature...we’ve been pretty consistent so far this year but we still have some things to work on...we’ll be back next Friday and Saturday at our usual stops, Williams Grove and Lincoln.”