April 2

Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway, the track was very dry and dirty right from the start. Cory started 6th in his heat and finished 5th. Conditions did not get any better and Cory lined up 15th for the feature. The car was pretty decent but the race was single file around the bottom and he ended up where he started in15th.

Tonight at Lincoln for a regular handicap show Cory started 5th in his heat and finished 3rd. The track was very fast early and slowed some as the feature approached. He started 6th and lost a couple spots on the start. Cory worked his way from about 9th back into the top five, when one of the leaders lost an engine and two others got tangled up together. That moved Cory into 2nd where he had two restarts to try and get it done. The leader was better and he settled for a good 2nd place finish.

Missed the update last weekend but Cory and the Barshinger 11c had a decent weekend. Friday night at Williams Grove, Cory started 10th in the feature and finished 6th. On Saturday night at the first time trial race at Lincoln, Cory timed 6th and qualified thru his heat. In the feature he started 6th and battled a tight car throughout finishing 9th.

This coming weekend Cory will be back at the Grove and Lincoln. The team will make a decision on Susquehanna once the payout is listed. See you there!!