Cory Birthday: May 30, 1977

Production Superintendent, York P-B Truss, Inc.

York with wife Julie and son Talan and daughter Kenley

Golf and hunting

Cory’s Career Accomplishments:

2009 Williams Grove 358 Champion
2007 Lincoln Speedway 358 Champion
2006 Williams Grove 358 Champion
2006 Lincoln Speedway 358 Champion
2005 Williams Grove 358 Champion
2003 Lincoln Speedway 358 Champion
2003 Williams Grove 358 Champion
2002 Lincoln Speedway 358 Champion

2010 Williams Grove 410 Most Improved Driver
2009 Lincoln Speedway 410 Most Improved Driver

2001 Lincoln Speedway 358 Most Improved Driver
2000 Lincoln Speedway 358 Rookie of the Year

All Time 358 Win Leader, Lincoln Speedway (13)
2nd All Time 358 Wins, , Williams Grove Speedway (15)

28 Career 358 Wins
8 Career 410 Wins

1999 Shippensburg Micro Sprint Champion
17 Career Micro Wins


BMX Racing: Raced BMX bikes from the age of 5 thru 12 mostly in York or Columbia, Md. Won way to many trophies and placed in a couple National events.

Go Karts: Started racing karts at Hunterstown Speedway at the age of 12. Raced in 2 cycle Yamaha class thru out central Pa. dirt tracks with many wins at Hunterstown, Linda's Speedway and Shippensburg. Had his only experience on asphalt at a National street race in Indiana.

Micro Sprints:  Cory moved up to micro sprints at age 17. He raced mostly at Trailways and Shippensburg Speedways with occasional visits to Path Valley, Linda’s, Lanco and Lincoln Speedway. Cory won races at Shippensburg and Lincoln in 1998. In 1999 Cory won 11 times at Shippensburg and clinched the track championship.

Cory leads Mike Bittinger and Kevin Nouse

2000: Cory started his 358 sprint car career in the family owned car. The team raced at Lincoln, Williams Grove and KARS events at Silver Springs, Hagerstown and Thunder Valley. The season was filled with many ups and downs. Cory was named rookie of the year at Lincoln Speedway.

2001: Cory and the team continued the same basic schedule this year. He won his first race at Lincoln and consistently improved during the year. He finished 2nd in points at Lincoln and 4th in the final point chase at Williams Grove. Cory was named most improved driver at Lincoln Speedway.

2002: Things continued to improve for Cory and the team this year. Cory recorded 4 wins at Lincoln Speedway and collected his first point championship. Consistency at Williams Grove resulted in a 2nd place finish in points. The team finished 26 feature races with 18 top fives and 25 top tens.

2003:  Cory finally had the breakout season you dream of. Four wins at Lincoln and two more at Williams Grove were enough to collect the season long point championships at both tracks. For Cory it was back to back championships at Lincoln. This year saw the team finish 20 races with 6 wins, 13 top threes and 19 top tens. All of this came from an average starting position of 12.85. Cory passed 187 cars in feature competition.

2004: After two unforgettable seasons, Cory and the team had a rough 2004. The year was marred with a couple tough crashes and some mechanical woes that resulted in finishing only 18 of the 26 races. Cory did have 1 win at Williams Grove to go with 6 top threes and 15 top tens. The highlight of the year for Cory was the start of his 410 career in the Haas Racing 11c. He ran the car 9 times with 2 top tens.

2005: Cory was hired by Mike Barshinger to drive his team’s potent 358 sprint car. The team took a little time to gel and Cory raced mid summer with a broken vertebra in his back. By seasons end Cory had 2 wins and clinched his 2nd point championship at Williams Grove Speedway. Cory raced the family owned 410 sprinter all summer at Susquehanna Speedway and highlighted that season by winning both ends of twin twenty lap features on May 26th.

2006: Cory and the Mike Barshinger team were crowned 2006 Track Champions this past weekend at banquets for Williams Grove and Lincoln Speedways. The sweep of the titles and the back to back championships at Williams Grove gives Mike three out of four since he hired Cory to wheel the potent Barshinger sprinter. For Cory it brings his total to six point titles in the 358 division.

The team competed in 35 events this year and had 5 DNF’s. Of the 30 races completed, Cory had 6 wins, 4 seconds, 6 thirds, 3 fourths and 4 fifth place finishes. Cory had a season long average feature finishing position of 4.63. That number was highlighted by an amazing 2.91 average at Williams Grove and followed with a 4.58 at Lincoln. The team passed 162 cars in feature competition from an average starting position of 10.95.

Cory also wheeled the Haas Racing 11c sprint car in 410 action at Lincoln and Susquehanna Speedway. The team competed in 23 races with 8 top tens. Cory’s best finish was a 3rd at Lincoln in the Weldon Sterner memorial.

2007: Cory and the Mike Barshinger team collected their track championship awards on Saturday night at the Lincoln Speedway banquet. For Cory it was a year of records at Lincoln as he became the leading feature winner in 358 competition. It was also Cory’s 4th track title and the second time he has won back to back championships. With his three championships at Williams Grove, Cory’s total now stands at 7 in his eight years in the division. The team had picked up a 3rd place check at the Williams Grove banquet the previous weekend. Cory also drove the Haas Motorsports 11c to 6 top ten and 2 top five finishes in 15 starts at Lincoln.

2008: Cory had what he would consider an off year at Williams Grove Speedway in 2008. The team collected many top fives but only one win and finished 2nd in the final point standings. Cory and the 39 team raced one event at Lincoln and won, increasing Cory’s all time win record there to 13.

In a combined effort the Barshinger Racing team and Haas Motorsports teams joined forces to run a very tough 410 schedule in central Pa. At Lincoln Speedway Cory placed 11th in the final point standings with 3 top five and 8 top ten feature finishes. The team concentrated on the time trial shows at Williams Grove. With the best of the Pa Posse, the All Stars and World of Outlaws it was a year of learning with a couple top ten finishes. The team will chase its first 410 win into 2009.

2009: A great 2009 season saw Cory and Mike picking up a lot of hardware and point fund checks at the annual awards banquets for Williams Grove and Lincoln Speedways.
At Williams Grove, in the Coliseum-sponsored 358 division, Cory won an unprecedented fourth championship. He scored three victories along the way which pushed his career total to 14 and moved him into a 4-way tie for the division’s career win lead. Along with the wins the team had finishes of 1-2nd, 2-3rd, 2-4th, 1-5th, 1-6th and 1 DNF (19th). A couple of those finishes came from deep in the pack, highlighted by a run from 24th to 2nd in the next to last race of the year after an engine change. The championship, combined with his four at Lincoln Speedway, bring Cory’s total to eight in his ten year career. For Mike, this is championship number five since he hired Cory to drive for the Barshinger team in 2005.
At Lincoln Speedway, Cory was named the Most Improved Driver in the 410 division. In the teams second year of full time 410 competition, the highlight came when Cory picked up his first win in the prestigious Hank Gentzler Memorial Race. The following week he had a fine 5th place run in the Kenny Weld Memorial. Those two events ended a year in which the team was highly competitive each and every week. The team had 1 win, 2 top five and 10 top ten finishes along the way. Some bad luck with the car or crashes ended a lot of good runs early, so the strong finish to the season has the team excited for 2010 to begin.

2010:  The 2010 season was somewhat a trying one for Cory and the teams with a lot of ups and downs. Cory looked to have the opening race in the 358 division at Williams Grove won, only to crash hard on the last lap. The DNF was one of three on the season that saw Cory finish 4th in the final point standings. The team did finish with 1 win and 10 top fives. In the 410 division at Williams Grove it was a struggle all year but Cory and Mike did put everything together and won the Billy Kimmel Memorial on Labor Day weekend. It was Cory’s first 410 win at Williams Grove. He finished the year with a 7th place on Champion’s night.
            At Lincoln Speedway in the 410 division Cory picked up another win early in the season and things looked pretty good. There were many good runs that ended with a crash or some kind of bad luck. The team ended the year with only one other top five and 8 top tens. Cory finished the year 10th in the final point standings. The highlight of the 2010 season for Cory happened on June 2nd when the newest member of his racing family, daughter Kenley Shae was born. Brother Talan didn’t really know what he was getting into.

2011:   Cory and the Mike Barshinger team completed there first full season on the tough Pa. Posse 410 circuit. It was a pretty successful year with two wins at Lincoln Speedway and a 7th place finish in the final point standings. At Williams Grove Speedway the team picked up one win and finished 10th in the WG final points. Cory was also named the Most Improved driver in the 410 division. Cory had many good runs through out the year and made his first three starts with the World of Outlaws. The highlight was a respectable 20th place finish in the National Open.
            Cory’s parents Larry and Barb, as well as his wife Julie, son Talan and daughter Kenley fully support Cory in his racing. Talan loves the garage and will surprise you with his knowledge of a sprint car. Cory’s sister Kristie is married to former driver Tim Dietz. Their son Chase is already a winner in the 600cc micro sprint class and daughter Alyson continues to race go karts. There is never a non-racing moment when family is together. When Cory is not racing he enjoys playing golf, pool, going hunting and watching TV. Cory has been around racing all his life. His dad started the whole deal racing sprint cars in the early 70’s and was good friends with racers like Kenny Weld and Bobby Allen at that time. Cory would spend a lot of time at the races with the all the other kids racing their match box cars, etc. and dreaming of being a racer himself. Now it’s his son Talan playing in the infield exactly the same way and maybe dreaming the same thing……..

Remember, dreams do come true.